J2Environmental is managed and directed by its senior principal engineer, Jeremiah D. Jackson. He holds BS and MS degrees in civil and environmental engineering from the University of California, and a PhD in civil engineering from the University of New South Wales. He is a licensed civil engineer in 11 States, a certified environmental manager (CEM) in Nevada, a LEED assessor, and a certified hazardous materials manager (CHMM).   Complementing his consulting experience, Dr. Jackson also teaches at the University of California, and is a professor at John Paul Catholic University in San Diego. He has lectured internationally with the Air and Waste Management Association, and with the American Society of Civil Engineers. Dr. Jackson has testified before Congress on environmental issues, and has traveled with the US Secretary of Commerce on international trade missions representing the US environmental industry.

With over 35 years’ experience as an environmental engineer, Dr. Jackson provides technical and managerial leadership for a wide variety of engineering projects. His expertise includes advanced technology water and waste water treatment systems, and innovative solutions for contaminated site assessment and clean-up. His experience ranges from giving expert testimony in civil lawsuits, to providing program management and technical direction on major projects, including those for large corporations and the US Department of Defense.

  Dr. Jackson’s technical papers have included many innovative water and wastewater treatment processes; examples are: Treating Industrial Wastewaters Using Artificial Wetlands,presented in Denver; Treatment of Arsenic Contaminated Water Using Aquatic Macrophytes, presented in New Delhi, India; Industrial Wastewater Reuse Using Soft Technology, presented in Florida; and Border Environmental Compliance Issues in Mexico, presented in Arizona. He has been honored as a University of California “Outstanding Lecturer”, was a runner-up for the World Technology Award in the area of Medicine and Health, and received an outstanding project award from the Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California for his work using bioremediation kinetics. Assisting Dr. Jackson on J2Environmental projects are scientists, engineers, and field and laboratory personnel from over 40 subcontracting companies. These professionals are strategically located throughout its clients’ geographies, which helps to ensure timely and cost-effective project solutions.


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