J2Environmental is a consulting firm that provides quality professional services to its clients. Our goal is to become your trusted adviser on environmental issues, by providing rapid and cost-effective technical support where and when needed.

We are unique in how we implement our projects…

Our proven approach is to deploy experienced teams from a network of pre-qualified professionals and in-house staff. These teams are led by senior engineers and selected field staff, which provide effective tactical decisions to help avoid on-site setbacks. Additionally, because the teams are strategically located throughout our clients’ geographies, this approach helps ensure prompt and cost-effective solutions by lowering response times and reducing logistical costs.

Contaminated Soil Assessment and Remediation

Contaminated Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Leaking Underground Storage Tank (UST) Assessment and Closure

Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Nitrate Removal from Treated Wastewate

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